Why Real Estate Dealers Prefer Hard Money Loans

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The real estate business is highly competitive and requires one to have a substantial amount of readily-available money or have quick access to loans. Players in the industry know a good deal when they see one, and the difference between winning and missing out is, more often, how fast you can pay for a property…. Read more »

How to Make the Most of Hard Money Interest Rates

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There are many reasons why a real estate investor would choose to get financing from a hard money lender. The process of approval takes virtually no time if you compare it to conventional lending. It often takes one to three days, and if delayed, never longer than one week. It takes traditional lending institutions like… Read more »

4 Top Tips to Help You Build Trust with Hard Money Lenders

According to a 2018 planning and progress study conducted by Northwestern Mutual, the average American has debts that amount to about $38,000 without counting mortgage. This figure is $1,000 higher than the previous year. Most people earn just enough to pay off their mortgage and cater to the bills. To afford other things, one must… Read more »

A Guide to Help You Understand Hard Money Loans

Mainstream banks impose very stringent requirements for anyone applying for a personal loan. Credit history tends to be the main let-down for the majority of bank loan applicants since the majority of financing institutions require a flawless credit history. The implication is that a late payment on a past loan can be sufficient grounds to… Read more »

4 Benefits of Taking Out a Hard Money Loan

Private lending is a business model in which one company lends money to people and other companies that are having trouble getting their loan requests approved by conventional loaning services. Recent studies have shown that more than 80% of businesses that fail to get a loan are denied because of inconsistencies in their cash flow…. Read more »

Hard Money Loans: 3 Things to Ask Your Lender

Are you aware that in Q1 of 2019, close to 50,000 houses were flipped? During the past few years, the percentage of flipped houses that have been turned into home sales has been gradually increasing. Also, the average gross profit for every house flipped has from $60,000 to highs of $68,000 in different periods. As… Read more »

Need Money Fast? Hard Money Loans Can Help

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Maybe you found the perfect house to flip, but you’ve gotta act fast to put your bid in. Maybe you’re on a tight deadline and you know the bank won’t be fast enough. Or maybe your credit just isn’t quite what it should be at the moment and you need a speedy alternative to traditional… Read more »

How to Flip Homes at a Profit: the Basics

House flipping is the practice of buying homes, usually at auction, with the purpose of reselling them at a profit. Real estate investors of all kinds make a lot of money doing this, and with the right knowledge, you can, too. But that doesn’t mean flipping a home is easy. Keep reading to learn about… Read more »

Is a Hard Money Loan Right For You?

What is hard money lending? You may have heard this term, but not know exactly what it means. Hard money lenders in Georgia provide loans in cases where traditional mortgage loans are not an option. This might be because the borrower has trouble finding a line of credit or because the borrower needs the money… Read more »