Fast and Easy Hard Money Loans in Georgia


We are direct hard money lenders in Atlanta and Savannah with 45 years of hard money lending experience.  We don’t send your loan to someone else—we are the lender and loan committee.  No upfront fees, close and get your funding in just a few days.

We make hard money loans Atlanta and Savannah, GA residents rely on, structured to suit your needs:


FIX AND FLIP LOANS:  We take into account all your costs, including full rehab, and provide funding that works for you.  Yes, we can fund that deal for you!

CONSTRUCTION LOANS:  Want to build a house, a retail building, a day care facility, a church, an office building?  We can fund it!

PURCHASE LOANS:  No matter what kind of property you want to buy, except a house you want to live in, we can fund it!

REFINANCE LOANS:  Need to get some quick cash out of the property you own?  We can fund it!

VACANT LAND OR RURAL LAND LOANS:  Would you like to access some cash on that farm or timber tract you own?  We can fund it!

RENTAL HOUSE LOANS:  Need to borrow some money on that rental house you own, or a portfolio of rental properties?  We can fund it!

LINE OF CREDIT LOAN:  We can structure Atlanta cash line loans so that interest is due only on the funds you’ve drawn, pro-rated daily.  Take only what you need, pay it down, draw it back with a phone call.  We can fund it!

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