3 Deals and Investments Suitable for Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans have certain characteristics that make them suitable for investors and businesses. They are flexible and are offered by individuals, private lenders, and some financial institutions. One advantage is that they typically take a short time to process. In some cases, it can take as little as a week to get approved. With… Read more »

The Ups and Downs of Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are a specific type of loan that you cannot get through a bank or other normal financial institution. They are usually provided through a private lender and are often used for real estate purposes with a high turnaround rate. They might also be considered “fix and flip loans” or even mortgage loans,… Read more »

4 Qualities of a Hard Money Loan Lender

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Working in the real estate industry can be both exciting and frustrating. Branching out on your own property fix and flip business can either be profitable or disheartening if you don’t find the right lender. Obtaining a bank loan can take weeks and even after that time, approval may not happen. In the case of… Read more »

Bad Credit Loans In Georgia: Here’s How to Get Them

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Do you struggle with debt? You’re not alone. The average American household owes around $134,000. It comes in the form of medical bills, student loans, credit cards, mortgages, and it adds up quick. So how do you get out of it? The simple answer is to consolidate it all with a loan. That’s easier said… Read more »

Can I Get a Loan with Bad Credit?

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Bad credit makes it almost impossible to get a loan. Or does it? In some cases, yes. If you’ve been asking yourself, “Can I get a loan in spite of it?” The answer is yes again. Having substandard credit is a hard hill to climb but not one that’s not insurmountable. You’re considered high-risk to… Read more »

How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

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Do you have bad credit? If so, you already understand that a poor credit score can affect everything from the type of credit cards you’re eligible for to whether or not a landlord will rent an apartment to you. Bad credit also means that it can be difficult to get a loan from traditional banks… Read more »

What to Look for In Hard Money Lenders

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Are you into flipping homes? Or do you need some quick money for another real estate program? If so, don’t run to a financial institution looking for help. Chances are, by the time your loan is approved the property will be gone. Instead, consider getting a hard money loan. If you’re located in Georgia, look… Read more »

What Determines Hard Money Loan Rates?

Great Hard Money Loan Rates.

Hard Money Loan Rates. A hard money loan is one of the easiest ways to get money fast. It’s a great option if you are trying to flip a house or can’t get credit. The downside is that these loans often come with high-interest rates. Before you take out a hard money loan, it’s important you understand what… Read more »