Using Hard Money to Flip Houses

There is a lot of money to be earned from flipping houses. However, buying a house and flipping it may cost you more than you expected. Hard money loans for real estate have been a savior for house flippers and real estate investors/developers. Private lenders offer bridge loans/hard money loans for real estate to those… Read more »

6 Smart Exit Strategies to Present to Your Hard Money Lender

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The average American has about $38,000 in debt, excluding mortgages. It is no surprise that more than a third of the population has bad credit ratings. Hard money lending provides easy access to cash for real estate investors to grow their portfolios, their credit scores notwithstanding. A traditional mortgage loan is often pegged with a… Read more »

Bad Credit Loans: 5 Tips for Fix-and-Flip Investments

Fix-and-flip investments are still viable ways of making money if done correctly. The average interest rate for hard money loans in Atlanta is about 13.3%. In this article, we’ll look at how to make the most of bad credit financing when flipping a house. Understanding the Costs of Flipping a House Before you can approach… Read more »

What Most People Get Wrong About Hard Money Loans

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Investing in real estate can be a profitable venture. However, this can also be a markedly expensive one, especially when you need to finance this purchase upfront. Fortunately, there are avenues that can help. Investors can rely on hard money loans for the specific purpose of getting a favorable loan quickly. In fact, investors in… Read more »

Why Consider a Hard Money Loan For Your Next Real Estate Venture?

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If you’re in the market for a new investment property and you’re having difficulty securing financing, then you may want to work with a hard money lender. Instead of a traditional loan, a hard money loan can really help people seeking to grow their real estate portfolio. What is a Hard Money Loan? Just like… Read more »

Reasons the Bank May Turn You Down for a Loan

  The process of building or buying a new house can be hectic without help. While there are several factors to consider before looking for a house, financial constraint is the major obstacle. The availability of bank loans and mortgages is essential to your needs. However, there are instances where your loan application might be… Read more »

How Hard Money Lending Differs from Conventional Mortgage Loans

  According to FICO, approximately 43 million Americans have a credit score of 599 or less. Your credit report and history can have a significant impact on your financial life. Real estate investors with low credit ratings may find it hard to secure traditional mortgage loans to finance their business. Hard money lenders are touted… Read more »

Debunking Common Myths About Hard Money Loans

Among the many financial products, hard money loans are some of the most misunderstood. But there is no reason to allow mistruths and myths to continue about hard money loans. Yes, hard money loans can be more costly than other collateralized products (like traditional mortgages or home equity loans). But the reality is hard money… Read more »

Tips to Save Money On Your Next House Flip

Real estate has continued to be a great form of investment for a long time. One strategy to follow when looking to invest in real estate is to “flip” an investment property by purchasing it at a discount, investing capital to make improvements, and then selling it for a profit. There are several tips that… Read more »

What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Hard Money Loan

So you’ve been rejected for a traditional real estate loan. It’s understandable if you’re devastated at first. But you don’t have time to linger over that feeling. You need to start looking for alternatives, and ideally as quickly as possible. The main alternative that you may be considering is a hard money loan. Private money… Read more »