hard money loans georgia

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If you are looking for hard money loans, Georgia has the lenders that are ready to fund those loans. Hard money loans Georgia residents have found can be the ideal solution in many different situations.


A hard money lender has fewer rules than other lenders, and they offer more wiggle room if you have had some credit problems. Atlanta hard money lenders can provide you with the funding that you need without the headaches.


Bad Credit Loans


Traditional lenders can deny your loan request simply because your “score” is not up to their standards. There are so many things that can affect your credit score but many times the traditional lenders do not take the time to ask any questions, they just deny your request.


Atlanta private lending options can be the ideal solution when the traditional lenders want to drag out the funding for months. When you need cash quick for things like construction loans, hard money loans can be the best route to take.


A hard money lender will look at the whole picture if you have the assets to cover the loan, then your credit score should play a much smaller role in the decision-making process. Fix and flip loans from hard money loans Georgia lenders can quickly get you the funding you need to get that real estate fixed up and sold.


Hard Money Loans in Georgia Come With Faster Turn Around Times


What if you have great credit but are in a hurry? Using the hard money loan Georgia lenders will ensure you get the money you need fast. Banks and other traditional lenders can take forever to make decisions and write the check. Hard money lenders are known for moving quickly through the process.


The Terms That You Need


The fact is fixed 30-year mortgages and other traditional loan terms are not what works best for everyone. Typically a hard money loan will run you about 13% interest but the terms can be adjusted to suit your unique needs.


These types of loans can be exactly what you need to get the funding that you want. Learn more about hard money loans Georgia and the lenders that are ready to fund them.